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Main shape

  1. Create a rectangle with the rectangle tool (R).
  2. Use the Push/Pull tool to raice it (P).
  3. Draw a line from middel point to middle pint across the top face(L). When you hover at a middle point of an edge a light blue dor appears.
  4. Now the main shape is finished!


  1. Select the edges around the roof (Not the one in the center).
  2. Copy these edges downwards using the move tool (M). Press "ctrl" before you move them to make a copy.
  1. Use push/Pull to extend the eaves in all 4 directions.
  2. Highlight the outer faces of the long side eaves and move them down so they intersect the plane of the roof. To do this, lock the move tool on blues axis (up/down arrow key).
  1. Remove all the unused lines that has been created.
  2. At the eaves, create a line that is right-angeld to the roof.
  1. Use push pull to carve away the new face.
  2. Do the same thing on the other side of the house and then you are finished!

If you feel comfortable with this tutorial, please move on to the next one about creating an interior.

Example of models

Castle Region
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