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October 25th, 2013
14th upload

This is the home of my dreams. It's a huge imaginary castle located in the Italian Alps and a crazy spare time project where I can put all the awesomeness I might not be able to put in my real work if I become an architect. I started drawing the great dining room December 20th 2008 and have for some periods spent all my spare time drawing but also a few times not touched the model for months.

The floor area is a bit over 20 000 m2 and I haven't yet bothered counting the rooms. I don't even know what counts as a room and what is just a passage through a thick wall in a building like this.

For the latest version I've added an atelier to the residence section, a bowling alley to the recreation area, converted the old gallows hill, added a gardening storage with stuff like buckets and wheel barrows, connected the Eagle's Tower to the garage, connected 2 towers with a bridge over the middle courtyard, added some furniture in general and fixed texture orientation on several faces.

I've also rewritten parts of the floor plan viewer which now also shows statistics over the whole building as well as individual sections. Last but not least I've gotten in to architecture school and haven't been able to draw much on this project the last couple of weeks but I still felt I needed to publish what I've drawn during the summer.

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The castle is located at a mountain in the Italian Alps.

The road to the castle follows the south west wall but makes a u-turn between the outer and middle gatehouses before it intersects the wall at the inner gatehouse. From here there's a road leading directly to the inner courtyard but the main road follows the same wall to the Eagle's Tower and goes through the garden and the outer & middle courtyard first.

The main entrance is located at the tower with the copper roof facing the inner courtyard. Most of the castle is directly connected to this tower.


The floorplan is shown on another page at the website but the interior is drawn in the main model, described at this page.


The castle's surroundings is drawn in a different model and has its own information page.

Model Properties

Key facts
Name Schloss Eneburg
Location South Tyrol, Italy
Sections 19
Floors 18 (-6 – 11)
Floor area ~20 000m2
Rooms A lot
Time Present
The file
Size (Zipped) 30,7 MB
Size (Unzipped) 81,2 MB
Edges 2 516 663
Faces 863 344
Layers 23
Materials 227
Styles 3


Materials Components
My work

The model contains almost only my own components. There are a few traces of Google/the Sketchup team left such as the arcade games and musical instruments. These will be replaced as soon as possible. However there's nothing in this model that isn't made by either me or Google.

RenderLights Video

This video was created by Douglas Triana in RenderLights.

Kerkythea Renderings


Drawing something like this wouldn't be possible without a lot om images of (or IRL access to) some great castles. Here are some of those I've been mostly inspired by.

Included models

SBB Ce 6/8 II
Corvette Stingray 63
Old Sports Car
London Bus
Small Truck
Supermarine Spitfire
South Tyrol Flag
Oak Tree
Water Tank
Ahlgren's Car
Mr Bean's Mini
Lotus Esprit s1 (Bond's car)
Lego Car
Volkswagen Type2 T1
Lego Car 5920
The Unicorn
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