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August 30th, 2011
1st upload

After a long time of thinking and planning I've finally started putting the castle's surroundings together as another model.

It's all located in the eastern Italian Alps in a wide valley with a river and a lake in it. The small town, Enedorf, is located down by the water and the castle, Schloss Eneburg, on a mountain just under a kilometer away.



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Model properties

The file
Size (Zipped) 3,45MB
Size (Unzipped) 8,26MB
Edges 311 269
Faces 103 404
Layers 8
Materials 124
Styles 2


Materials Components
My work

Not much to say, only my work except for the default sketchup materials.

Kerkythea renderings

(Region model merged with main castle model)

Included models

Corvette Stingray 63
Old cargo wagons
Old cargo wagons (Red)
Old bulk wagons
Old Toblerone wagons
Turnout, Left
Turnout, Right
Double Slip
Truck #1
House #2
Supermarine S.6B
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