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April 17th, 2012
2nd upload

This house is my project work in school. It's the single biggest assignment in the Swedish gymnasium (upper secondary school). The house is designed to be an environmentally sustainable, luxurious concept house.

I got the idea for this design spring 2011 and started drawing next fall. I've made a few changes to the design before finishing it spring 2012.

I've put a lot of effort in making the house energy efficient, such as using rounded shapes to get less outer wall surface in comparison with floor area.

For the second upload I've worked with section cuts, furniture and the garden for the presentation of the house. I'd like to point out that the actual house was finished on deadline and can still be downloaded here, and that there is a later deadline for the presentation.

Download View information page in 3DWarehouse


View floorplan...

Model properties

Key facts
Floor area 194m2
Bedrooms 2 (and 1 guestroom)
Bathrooms 2
The file
Size (unzipped) 5,32 MB
Edges 81 739
Faces 27 515
Layers 7
Materials 102
Styles 1


Materials Components
My work

Not much to say, only my work except for the default sketchup materials.

Section cuts

Section cut technique inspired by Jon66's Medieval Castle Tower.

Included models

Corvette Stingray 63
Oak Tree
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