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May 2nd, 2009
(Probably) 4th upload

This is an imaginary town in southern Bavaria. This is my first Bavarian model. When I got bored with this I started at the M/S/München and when I got bored with the M/S/München I started to draw at this model again.

The latest stuff that's been added is some old houses in the southern part of the old town.

The sandstone and window materials are borrowed from purple geckos' Johannisburg Palace. I think I will make my own materials before I upload the complete model.

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Model properties

Key facts
Name Groβendorf
inhabitants about 5000
location Swiss-Bavarian border, Bavarian side
Houses Unknown
Time Present
The file
Size (zipped) 30,4 MB
Size (unzipped) 78,1 MB
Edges 1 800 479
Faces 582 276
Layers 25
Materials 619
Styles 3


Materials Components
My work

The model contains materials from Purple Geckos's Johannisburg castle. These are windows and sandstone materials, and can be found in the castle an at the railway bridge in the northern part of the model.


Included models

SBB Ce 6/8 II
DB 103
DB 101
DB 143
Köf (Black)
DB 01
DB 03
DB 789
DB Bimdzf (intercity)
DB DEbzf (bi-level)
DB SA4ü (Rheingold 1st class)
DB SB4ü (Rheingold 2nd class)
DB Spw4ü (Rheingold baggage car)
DB Avüm (TEE)
DB Ampz (TEE)
DB Wrühm (TEE restaurant car)
DB ADüm (TTE observation car)
DB Apmz (intercity)
DB WRmz (intercity, restaurant car)
DB DBz (bi-level)
Old cargo wagons
Old cargo wagons (Red)
Old tank wagons
Old tank wagons (Green)
Old bulk wagons
Old timber wagons.
Old beer wagons
Turnout, Left
Turnout, Right
Double Slip
House #1
House #2
House #3
House #4
House #5
House #6
House (1910)
House (1900)
House, Corner (1910)
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