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May 2nd, 2009
11th upload

This is an imaginary ship that I've made in Sketchup. It's too big to be uploaded in the 3dwarehouse so I've created my own site. The model isn't finished but I will probably upload a newer version one day. This is the 11:th version, uploaded May 2nd 2009.

At the latest version I have worked on the hydraulic pipes.

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Model properties

Key facts
Name M/S/München
Total length 148,78m 488'1"
Length at the
143,13m 469'7"
Draft 4,71m 15'5"
Weight 5260 tones 5798 short tons
Average speed 12 knots
Top speed 15 knots
Crew 36
Year 1955
The file
Size (zipped) 12,9MB
Size (unzipped) 46,6MB
Edges 1 318 481
Faces 465 422
Layers 18
Materials 185
Styles 8
Cargo (room)
#2Cars, trucks
#3Trucks, railway
#599 Luft balons
#6Cars, trucks,
other machines


Materials Components
My work

Detail images


Included models

Old Sports Car
Old Luxury Car
Low Poly Car #1
Low Poly Car #2
Truck #1
Truck #2
Truck #3
Small Truck
Ship Engine
Bavarian Flag
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